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Hitting the road with DealHRship is SIMPLE

Here's a ROADMAP on how we get your motor running in 6 easy steps.

Hover over each step to see how SIMPLE it really is…

Simple Board.png

See How it Works

Let’s spend 1 hour together going over the features and options available to customize your own intHRaction experience.

The most critical factor in the success of any Dealership, and its most valuable competitive advantage, is PEOPLE.

DealHRship was developed to provide a simple technology AND automated methodology for MAXIMIZING WORKFORCE POTENTIAL in the automotive industry.

DealHRship Overview

Additional Features

Input Data

This 1/2 day implementation includes inputting non-confidential workforce data, Company Core Values, and customized Objectives for the jobs in your organization. 


intHRaction provides Human Resources with a catalog of predefined Objectives, Competencies, and Core Values  These can be utilized, edited, or you can import your own organizational content. Providing established, behavior-based content saves time, promotes fairness, and drives consistency.


Objectives & Performance

Take Charge of Your Organization's Goals & Objectives

Manage Objectives - Team Setup -  Personalized Goals


We’ll work with you to get your People, Objectives, and System Administration set-up.  In one day, your workforce will be assigned role-based objectives, and your designated administrator(s) will assign/approve all system configurations. 

Super Duper Simple On-Boarding

Assigning Objectives

People Plan - Employee Development & Succession Planning

It only takes 1 day to create a real-time Organizational Succession Plan that also provides a personalized success roadmap for every member of your workforce. 


Visibility to the collaborative performance intelligence data of your workforce, and access to tools that enable all members of the organization to be assigned readiness levels, future-focused goals, career mapping, and real-time talent mobility reporting. This data supports all Strategic Workforce Planning efforts and transforms Succession Planning into a valued future-focused differentiator.

Talent Career Planning, & Internal Mobility

Learning Sessions / Training

We know your Dealership is BUSY!  We partner with your leadership team to conduct as many 1 hour Learning Sessions as necessary to introduce intHRaction to your workforce and to educate them on the Purpose, Benefits, Timeline, and Value.  

Get Ready for Take-Off

Execute - We Have Liftoff!

It’s time to drive Performance!  Invites to the platform are deployed and
your organization is ready to start the automated journey!

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