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Your Dealership's success is driven by PEOPLE

Get the data you need to maximize your operations

Your Dealership is operating efficiently and dynamically, and your employees are eager to understand their current standing and future opportunities. With managers focused on maintaining high performance, it can be challenging to provide the individualized attention each team member deserves, impacting retention and employee satisfaction. These issues can eventually influence daily operations and sales. Fortunately, addressing dealership employee performance has never been easier than with DealHRship, your solution for enhancing employee engagement, satisfaction, and growth.

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inspHRations empower employees to recognize others weekly for exemplifying company values and culture through an automated survey process. Real-Time Culture data that drives engagement.



Automatically capture self-rated feedback on pivotal moments in the employee’s lifecycle including Onboarding, Company Milestones, Change Events, and Offboarding. Real-Time, Personalized Employee Engagement feedback.



Tools to enable all members of the organization to be assigned Readiness Levels, Developmental Goals, and Career Mapping. Real-Time People data that drives

Strategic Workforce


KPI's, KBI's &

Team Stand-Ups

Automated, configurable stand-up surveys that enable employees to quickly share valuable insights and provide Managers with Real-Time visibility to both individual and team performance opportunities.

Voice of the


Micro feedback loops automatically capture Customer insights which are connected to an Employees’ goals, objectives, and targets. Real-time opportunities to partner with Customers to enhance the Customer Experience.




Network Maps, Objective Distribution, Talent Readiness, Mentoring Insights, Culture Recognition / Leaderboards, Engagement, Stand-ups, Anytime Performance Reviews, Project Performance, Employee / Team /

Organizational Performance


Data Driven

One On One's

Lead and document efficient and effective Employee performance discussions with tools that provide Real-Time progress data on assigned goals / objectives, developmental growth,

and coaching tips for improvement.



Real-Time Dashboards for Employees, Managers, HR, Executives, and Projects provide Role-Based/Department/Company/Enterprise performance visibility that minimizes Human Capital risk and drives ROI. 

Employee Performance, Engagement, Succession Planning, Experience, Recognition & Analytics

The most critical factor in the success of any Dealership, and its most valuable competitive advantage, is PEOPLE. Unfortunately, most organizations rely on annual reviews and disjointed HR processes for understanding, developing, and rewarding talent. DealHRship was developed to provide a simple technology AND automated methodology for MAXIMIZING WORKFORCE POTENTIAL in the Dealership environment.

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Built for Performance

All of the features of DealHRship work together to provide a wholistic view of every Employee's Performance.

Performance Visibility

Today's workforce wants to know where they stand... today.  With Month-End so important to your Dealership, why report Employee Performance at Year-End?  DealHRships Performance Visibility tools provide your people real-time, continuous feedback, automatically.  It's simple, fast, and clear.

Culture Recognition

Recognizing and celebrating core values at your Dealership is a key differentiator.  Values impact Behaviors, Behaviors drive Objectives, Objectives deliver Strategy.  It's time to celebrate the people and behaviors that make your Dealership the Employer of Choice!

Employee Experience

Between your strategy and what you accomplish lies the heartbeat of your Dealership - PEOPLE.  Gaining real-time insights into employee experience is the magic for creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, motivated, and ready to rock every day!  Annual Engagement Surveys will never do that!

Succession Planning

People determine your success!  Succession Planning proactively identifies & influences key people decisions while enhancing employee motivation and engagement.  Succession Planning truly demonstrates a commitment to Employee growth and provides a clear path for advancement, fostering a positive and thriving work culture.

KPI's, KBI's & Stand-Ups

Like a GPS with real-time updates, these surveys help individuals stay on course and provide Leaders the right data to ensure they reach their destination of peak performance.  Spend less time creating and maintaining spreadsheets and more time leading your team to victory!

Voice of the Customer

Customer interaction is what drives your dealership.  Customer feedback should be part of EVERY Employee's Performance.  Get Performance feedback from all the people your Employees interact with like customers, suppliers, vendors, finance partners and more.  Every Employee has some kind of "Customer" that they interact with.  Get more than just an on-line review, truly capture the Voice of the Customer.

People Analytics

People Performance Analytics enable you Dealership to be proactive in identifying gaps, challenges, and opportunities.  It's the map that guides Strategic Workforce Planning and increased ROI.  You have sale data, financial data, and now you can have People data too!

Data Driven One on One's

Objective data helps align individual goals with business objectives.  Employees see career opportunity and growth, while Managers have data to provide guidance and encouragement.  It's like having a GPS for Employee Performance.

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Reduce Turnover by Increasing Employee Satisfaction

Give your Employees the tools they need to understand their importance to your organization and their opportunities for growth.

DealHRship changes the annual, non-inclusive, hierarchical review process into a continuous, inclusive and visible way of working that drives engagement.

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DealHRship simplifies and fully automates the information and reporting process allowing Managers to repurpose that time for higher impact practices included in the product like, Objective setting, Feedback Check-ins, and Career Development.

Performance Gauge

The data collected through DealHRship provides insight into performance, engagement, and career planning opportunities at both the individual and team level. This data is the competitive advantage organizations need to maximize the skills and talents of People.


DealHRhip's Real-time Dashboards for Employees, Managers, HR, Executives, Project Teams, and Consultants display comprehensive data and insights into ROI - Return on Individuals, through automated Experience, Recognition and Performance tools.


With DealHRship, Consulting Partners gain access to a private platform that supports their specific content, their customized client offerings, provides the tools to truly measure program success in real time and provides additional engagement and revenue opportunities with existing and new clients.

Performance is Key to Dealership Success

And Employee Performance
drives Dealership Success.
That's why we created a platform built for
Dealership Employee Performance Management.

New Car Keys

DealHRship chronicles who Employees interact with.


We periodically ask those people to provide small amounts of feedback on the individual Goals & Objectives that Employees collaborate on with their Managers.

Actionable Data

We provide Managers with actionable tools & guidance to deliver more comprehensive & effective 1 on 1’s, Check-Ins, & Reviews.

We give Human Resources Professionals the tools & insight they need to help Employees, Managers, and the business grow.

HR Tools

We provide Leadership with data about individual, team, and organizational performance & development and the information that impacts the bottom line.

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Performance Powered

At DealHRship, our comprehensive technological solutions are based on the ground breaking Performance Management, Engagement & Recognition platform from intHRaction. DealHRship is continually building upon its technology in coordination with intHRaction, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes. For a free demo, contact us today.

"No one can achieve their most challenging goals without help. We all need support and assistance from our managers, peers and our team of employees to ensure our success. That’s why it’s not only important to set goals for your dealership, but to achieve them you should assist your employees in doing the same."

Georgia Munson, NADA Academy Instructor

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Every Employee has role specific, measurable goals, and visibility to their own performance data.

Neither Managers nor Employees are responsible for soliciting feedback, the system operates automatically, and in real-time.

Managers have the tools they need to personalize, encourage, and develop the members of their team.

Leadership has visibility into real-time, continuous performance, growth, and succession data for the entire organization.

The easy to use platform is quickly adopted, highly automated, and requires minimal implementation time.

The recognition feature, inspHRations, supports and rewards Dealership Culture.

Areas of positive impact include Succession Planning, Retention, Engagement, Trust, Productivity, Inclusion, Customer Experience, and Professional Confidence.

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